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Case Study Solution – The Business Case Study Process

In a Case Study you will be presented with an extremely complex organization or business problem. In most cases, the internal employees of a company will not be aware of this problem and the organization’s leaders will be unaware that the problem exists.

As a business student you should not be held responsible for the problems within your organization. The question should be “How do I go about solving this specific problem”.

In most cases your goal as a Business Case Student is to learn how to solve the specific problems within your organization. Business Case Studies have been designed to use a simple format where you use a systematic approach to the specific problem and it is only after you have used that specific methodology that you can answer the deeper questions in the case study. If you are not able to answer these deeper questions on your own, you are required to learn the technique.

One of the key elements of Business Case Studies is the method of Case Study Analysis. The Case Study Analysis process will guide you through the process of properly identifying the problems within the organization and then by using a methodology to address the specific problems. You are now able to take your own unique individual knowledge and skills to solve the problem.

There are three main steps to the Case Study Analysis process. In the first step you are asked to look at the industry and technology involved in the company’s current situation. In most cases these types of industries require that a particular skill set and knowledge in order to understand the analysis properly.

In the second step of the Case Study Analysis process you are asked to identify the key leadership and management team within the organization. Within this process the key leadership and management team should be appropriately identified to ensure that the question can be properly addressed in this specific instance. In many cases your future career opportunities will be affected by the decision as well. The third step in the Case Study Analysis process is for you to select a specific industry which will support the proposed solution. By choosing a specific industry you will ensure that the methodology is specific to the problem within the organization. This will also help ensure that your funding is structured correctly. The industry selected will be relevant to the Case Study solution.

With all of these steps clearly defined you are able to move forward in the process. You will have identified the challenges and difficulties associated with the problem and can effectively outline the solution.

For the last step of the Case Study Analysis process you will have constructed a case for funding. This is an area where the key leadership and management team will review the proposal and determine whether or not they can allocate funding for the proposed solution.

The funding source should be identified before you move forward in the process. Once the funding source has been identified, you will move forward with the final step in the Case Study Analysis process, which is to add a Funding Request to the Grants and Business Plan template.

The objective is to successfully complete the entire process. Once you have completed the requirements and gone through the case study design process, you should be able to complete the Case Study report.

This case study solution has been designed to help assist your future career as a Business Case Student. It will help you learn the fundamental issues associated with the problem and provide you with valuable skills for future training.

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